4 Ways Students Can Stay Safe While Learning Online in 2021

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Parenting isn’t a piece of cake. Especially in the age of digital screens and social media, it can become a complex mix of tensions and concerns.

As much as digital tools have made our lives hassle-free, they have increased concerns for parents. Ever since online schooling has started, parents have become highly concerned about their kids’ online safety. From cyberbullying to privacy breaches and hidden policies, the internet has posed several risks to child safety.

If you’re feeling worried about your kid’s digital safety, this blog’s for you. At Access2success, we strive to offer safe and secure online tutoring sessions for kids. Platforms like ours help parents get one step closer to improving their kid’s online learning experience.

Now that digital tools have also entered physical classrooms, teachers and tutors also need to ensure that students are constantly monitored. Safe websites are required to help young learners stay safe from hacks and inappropriate content online.

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This blog will list several ways to ensure your little one’s safety while they attend online affordable tutoring classes.

1.    Assess Your Knowledge

As a parent, you need to first increase your cybersecurity knowledge. Take some time to learn about online safety practices. Browse through different websites and read their privacy policies. This will help you make sure that your kid is accessing safe information according to their age.

For example, every parent must know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. An HTTPS is highly secure and safe for user access, unlike an HTTP website. We also suggest you take online quizzes and tests to assess your knowledge about online safety. Moreover, this has to be a continuous process. You need to stay updated on internet algorithms as they change at the speed of light. Check out this informative cybersecurity podcast for the latest news and updates.

You can find every website’s privacy policy to verify its veracity and security. Make sure to check whether the site sells user data or has third-party links that may have authorized access. If you cannot locate the privacy policy, contact the online tutoring website to get relevant information.

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2.    Choose a Safe Online Tutoring Platform

A report shows that online tutoring websites have gained massive traction during the pandemic. They help students excel academically and allow parents to keep track of their child’s unique learning needs.

While all tutoring websites offer tutors for school kids, their safety practices may differ significantly. Choose Access2success as we thoroughly vet our tutors and keep track of their online sessions with students. Our cutting-edge teaching tools, such as messaging portals and digital boards, ensure that students and tutors don’t connect outside the platform.

However, parents need to stay alert when choosing an online tutoring service. Make sure that the website is authentic, safe, and well-reputed. Check out reviews and ratings to learn about their service quality. Contact A2S to offer your kid the tutoring they deserve. Our individualized K-8 tutoring classes in science, math, and English include top-of-the-line learning resources.

Moreover, we make sure that our tutors are well-informed about cybersecurity to make their sessions safe and secure.

3.    Start At An Early Age

Your child’s learning process starts at a very early age. Since we’re moving toward a highly digitalized future, don’t delay introducing kids to this platform. While we all become digitally literate in computer and science labs, things are different for today’s generation.

Digital gadgets like tablets, laptops, and smartphones have made your child’s daily life much more digitized than you think. So, take this opportunity and start overseeing your little one’s online activity from the beginning. Teach them about safe and secure internet practices. Put strong passwords on private networks. Don’t allow social media access before your little one can make logical and cautious decisions about their own safety.


Educational institutes and online tutoring websites aren’t the only responsible entities for teaching kids about digital safety. Parents need to go the extra mile to address cyber safety concerns. Schools and parents have to collaborate and build an effective online monitoring system, especially during online classes.

4.    Encourage Digital Maintenance

At Access2success, we perform regular digital maintenance to keep our students and tutors safe from cyber-safety issues. But what does digital maintenance entail?

Digital maintenance is also referred to as the upgrading of passwords, websites, and internet algorithms. This directly impacts how, why, and when students use digital gadgets. It keeps their devices running smoothly and enhances data security.

Our efficient data storage techniques allow students and tutors to collect, categorize, store, and retrieve course material anytime.

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We suggest parents encourage the following digital maintenance practices for their kids:

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