The Impact of Interactive Learning on Your Child’s Academic Performance

During our elementary school days, institutes used to have computer and science labs that were used sparingly. Teachers were focused on traditional learning techniques to teach students basic subjects like math, science, and English.

This situation has, however, changed entirely. Gen-Z is more digitally literate, and they’ve been introduced to tablets and smartphones at a very young age. This has also increased their chances to become wiser and more intelligent at learning. By the time your kid reaches elementary school, they’ll be doing more than just solving sums of a whiteboard.

While passive learning still possesses significant value, online tutoring websites are now encouraging interactive learning.

A kid interacting with his tutor online

But what is interactive learning?

Using different physical and modern digitalized tools to help students understand complex subjects is known as interactive learning. This form of tutoring utilizes strong communication as a tool to help kids become more confident and free-thinkers.

How Has Digitalization Enhanced Interactive Learning?

Thanks to modern tutoring websites like Access2success, you can now enroll your little one in interactive K-8 online tutoring classes. Our tutors mix and match customary and advanced teaching practices to teach and reinforce math, science, and English concepts.

Our online tutoring and homework help services provide an alternative way for students and parents to work with professional tutors. We offer students a lucrative opportunity to learn new skills or enhance existing ones.

What’s more, A2S is very efficient in creating one-on-one, flexible schedules for students. Our unique tutoring practices can make your kid outshine their peers and stay ahead of cutthroat academic competition.

Here are some more notable ways interactive learning can help your little one excel at school:

1.    Engage Students at a Deeper Level

Traditional classrooms allow students to meet each other face-to-face and participate in group and individual activities. However, they’re still not fully effective at focusing on shy kids. Many kids graduate without getting an opportunity to polish their communication skills. This is where interactive learning comes into play.

A recent study shows that online interactive tutoring courses boost student retention and motivation by 60%.

A school kid crafting and coloring

Interactive learning can be incorporated into physical as well as online tutoring sessions. Your kid doesn’t always have to dig into course material to learn complex math equations. In contrast, interactive learning brings out the real potential in students and helps them showcase their innovative and creative thinking abilities.

2.    Promotes Real Life Learning

A bookworm can’t learn everything. Your kid needs to maintain a balance between studying the course material and experiencing real life. This is how they will be able to become street smart. Interactive learning allows students to comprehend abstract concepts in creative ways.

It builds confidence and pushes students to share their unique ideas with peers and tutors. Moreover, interactive tutoring polishes their decision-making and problem-solving skills. It takes on a real-world approach that enables kids to collaborate and engage.

3.    It’s Budget and Time Friendly

You no longer have to drive your kid to tutoring institutes. Thanks to tutors at Access2success, all you need is a good internet connection and a digital gadget for your kid. You can either schedule an online homework help session or a K-8 tutoring class to help your little one ace in subjects like science, mathematics, and English.

Interactive learning has made it easier for students, tutors, and parents to keep track of modern concepts and learning resources. Visit our website to hire the best online tutors at affordable charges.

4.    Makes Learning Fun

Introducing them to interactive learning is helpful if your kid zones out while taking online science, math, or English classes. At A2S, our tutors are well-aware of engaging teaching practices that keep students involved throughout the session.

A school student bored during an online class

From quizzes, puzzles, and crosswords to speaking sessions, we incorporate interactive teaching methods to make learning more enjoyable.

What’s more, our tutors give students time to understand and grasp science and math concepts instead of over-burdening their minds with information. We also try to conduct hands-on learning sessions that help students apply what they learn in their daily lives.

Develops Critical Soft and Hard Skills

Role-play is an extremely effective interactive learning technique. It allows students to immerse themselves in their online tutoring sessions. Whether your kid is attending an individual or a team tutoring class, role-playing can help them become more confident and expressive.

Besides role-playing, online games like Hangman, Tangram, and Kahoot can help kids think freely and explore their hidden cognitive abilities. An online interactive teaching strategy known as StarCraft has proven to enhance imagination and strategizing skills in students.

Eric Mazur, a professor at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, says that team playing is a critical skill required in modern workplaces. And interactive learning can help kids work successfully in groups, present ideas, and execute them.

5.    Helps Children with Disabilities

Inclusive and focused learning is extremely important for kids with special needs. And interactive learning has played a positive role in helping such kids become better at grasping lessons and memorizing them.

Interactive learning includes assistive technologies and real-time teaching techniques to ensure child-guided learning. This allows students to learn at their own pace and encourages them to take control.

An elementary school kid learning online

At Access2success, we offer interactive tutoring sessions online. We’re committed to providing quality and comprehensive K-8 live tutoring to your kid.

Our tutors can help your little one ace science, math, and English subjects. Get in touch with us for more details.

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