Effective Tutoring: Should Parents Take Charge or Are Professional Tutors the Answer?

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There comes a time in a child’s life where tutoring becomes necessary. Parents realize that despite spending a major chunk of their day in school, their kids are unable to understand the essential concepts and methods of their subjects. This brings up the need for extra lessons at home. This need has given rise to the private tutoring industry. However, some parents prefer to tutor their kids themselves.

However, experts argue that parents who tutor their children may cause more harm than good. This is because teaching has evolved over the past two decades and is continuously changing. The things they teach them may be outdated or no longer apply to the practical world. On the other hand, parents argue that they are better suited to teach their kids as they know their children better than anyone else.

Let’s have an in-depth look into this intensive debate and see how children can benefit from tutoring, either through their parents or from a private tutor.

Parental Tutoring

Parents, especially from strong academic backgrounds, prefer to tutor their children themselves. Parental involvement has known to benefit students and is linked to higher academic productivity and ultimately success. A hands-on approach enables the parents to have direct involvement in the educational matters of their children. It helps them be updated with their child’s academic performance and assists them in keeping track of their academic weaknesses and strengths.

Moreover, parental involvement in tutoring is also known to strengthen the bond between children and parents. In most circumstances, children are closer to their parents than any other individual, and having them teach their lessons, improves the bond between them. Furthermore, children can confide in their parents better than other people. Moreover, parents can also tailor the tutoring sessions by adding social lessons that help children become more responsible adults. They can teach them the dos and don’ts of society and proper behavior, ultimately leading to a better society.

However, in some cases, parents might put unnecessary pressure on students as they’d expect their children to excel because of their tutoring. This can lead to a downward effect as most young students will succumb to the pressure and start performing poorly.

Furthermore, it is easy to be distracted during a parental tutoring session. Household chores or other pressing matters may come up that require a parent’s attention, resulting in unnecessary disruption. It may also result in a child losing focus and a lower academic performance.

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One of the biggest drawbacks of parental tutoring is that the parents might not have the necessary expertise in teaching a particular subject. For example, when teaching English, parents may feel that it is easy to tutor the subject because they speak it daily and are natives. They tend to ignore the various complexities of grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, which can be detrimental to their child’s academic performance. In such a scenario, it is always better to engage with professional English tutoring services.

Such scenarios are more likely to occur when a child progresses to a higher academic level. Complexities in subjects in Math and science can’t be solved by a highly educated parent whose expertise lies elsewhere.

Private Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring sessions with a private teacher have become a lot common these days. It is gaining worldwide recognition and is even a multi-million-dollar industry in some countries. Since the pandemic wreaked havoc globally, online tutoring sites and online tutoring help have become the new way forward. Parents who prefer the help of a specialist waste no time in appointing a private tutor to help their children succeed academically.

First and foremost, a professional tutor will bring the necessary expertise and guidance your child will need to understand the pressing issues of the subject they are struggling to comprehend. The professional tutors will be focused and give your children the classroom-type learning structure with a more personalized approach. Your child will be more inclined to learn and not to play around with a private tutor.

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Second, the child will not feel any unnecessary pressure and will not hesitate to ask questions they might not have asked if their parents were tutoring them. Parents are hesitant about the massive cost of private tutoring, but affordable online tutoring options are available, such as the one provided by Access2Success. We only charge $20 per session, which is lower than most of the tuition providers.

Furthermore, parents are also concerned about the safety of their children since they might not know the tutors personally. However, with online tutoring websites, the safety concern is out of the question as your child will be receiving expert help at the comfort of their homes.

Another reason why parents are hesitant in engaging the services of a private tutor is that they think that their teaching methods might be significantly different from the way they are taught at schools which can create a lot of confusion in the children’s minds. However, there are tutors such as Access2Success who provide a tailor-based approach to tutoring kids. Our experts do a comprehensive analysis of the child’s needs and then teach them accordingly.

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Be it private tutoring or parental tutoring, getting extra help will always be beneficial for your child and crucial for their academic success. If you’re looking for a private tutoring service for your child, then check out Access2Success. We provide online English, Science, and Math tutoring services. As mentioned, our prices are quite affordable, and we create individualized, interactive plans for children after looking at their curriculum and weak points. We strongly believe in the idea that online learning helps students break their barriers and achieve impressive levels of academic growth and success.

Get in touch with us at 202-897-5826 to learn more about pricing and other details about helping your child engage in the lessons in a way that allows them to retain knowledge effectively.

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