Why Is My Child Performing Poorly in School?

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Let’s be honest; all parents worry much more than their children about a bad report card. If your child has repeatedly been receiving low grades in school, chances are you’ll be worried about their next report card because you know how poor grades can impact their future.

Since there’s a vast range of ‘typical’ child development facets, it’s normal for children to be a bit behind as they catch up eventually without the need for intervention. But sometimes, there might be other reasons that are causing your child to perform poorly in school.

A child’s lack of academic progress can be an underlying symptom of a more complex issue, such as a combination of various types of psychological, behavioral, physiological, and learn difficulties. Chronic medical illnesses and social stress might also play a role.

There are several things that parents can do to help, but first, it’s important to figure out what’s causing the child to have difficulty in school. Read this guide to find out all you need to know about how appropriate early invention can ensure a bright future for your child.

What Does ‘Poor Performance’ mean?

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When a child is having trouble focusing in school or isn’t able to catch up with either a single subject, multiple subjects, or every class, it means they’re performing poorly. It’s also reflected in their grades that can go down quickly or gradually as a result. Here are some signs of poor school performance.

Possible Causes for Poor School Performance

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#1 Stressors

If your child was previously doing well, but there’s been a sudden dip in their performance, look around to identify life changes or stressors that might be affecting the child. Divorce, the arrival of a newborn sibling, bullying from peers, depression, puberty, grief, or a demanding schedule can be the culprit behind their poor performance.

#2 Social Anxiety

Many children have difficulty in school because of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). It can cause them to feel stressed or anxious around people or in social situations. It interferes with their relationships with the teacher and other children, schoolwork, and more. For example, the child may worry excessively about how others see them. They might feel terrified about embarrassing themselves in front of their peers, leading to them finding it difficult to do well in a class presentation.

#3 ADHD or Executive Dysfunction

Executive dysfunction primarily affects the child’s ability to remember information, pay attention, or multitask. Whether it’s caused by a traumatic brain injury or another reason, it can cause varied symptoms, such as trouble getting organized, finding it challenging to complete homework, difficulty remembering to bring home homework or books, difficulty adjusting to changes in plans, poor memory recall, and more.

Sometimes, ADHD also causes executive dysfunction. The child can behave restlessly, be hyperactive, forget or lose things, frequently interrupt, have a hard time focusing, or have frequent outbursts if they have ADHD. Since children with this condition can find it difficult to sit still, focus, or stay on task, it can lead to poor grades.

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#4 Learning Disorders

Specific Learning Disorder (SLD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can make learning difficult. Learning disorders can impact all areas or specifically affect written expression (Dysgraphia), mathematics (Dyscalculia), or reading (Dyslexia) abilities.

#5 Instructors with Unsuitable Teaching Styles

When the teaching style doesn’t match the learning style of a student or when the teacher isn’t able to give undivided attention to a child that isn’t able to keep up, it can cause the child to experience significant setbacks. Elementary school is a time where a child learns basic concepts. If the teacher fails to make the child learn at this stage, it can create notable knowledge gaps in the future.

What Can Be Done To Help Children Excel At School?

Help The Child Get Ready For School Before Enrollment

Help your child learn numbers, colors, shapes, and letters or read to them. Teach them to count, draw shapes, or write their name. Such activities help the child learn skills required to excel at school while preparing them for their journey to learn at school. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to spend time assisting them with their educational goals, expert tutors at Access2Success online can help you prepare your child for brilliance with our exclusive K-8 online tutoring services.

Talk To Your Child About School Every Day

Ask your child to share details about their school day with you regularly. Chances are they won’t mention the subject or class they’re struggling with, but you can ask about their favorite subject and assure them that it’s okay to find some subjects more challenging than others. Be patient with your child and support them with a positive attitude; with proper assistance during online tutoring, they’ll achieve better grades in every subject.

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Create A Proper Homework Routine

Set a regular time for homework so that the child can retain focus and complete the assignment on time. Encourage them to take short breaks if they can’t concentrate and praise them for correct answers. If you find it difficult to assist them, you can enroll them in our homework help services. Our tutors will guide them with their homework while ensuring it gets completed on time while maintaining quality standards.

Hire An Affordable Online Tutoring Service

With an average class having over 25 students, the teacher might not be able to give your child the time and attention they need. Enrolling them in a reliable online tutoring website can help them understand concepts, solve homework problems, and revise for tests. Tutors at Access2Success are well-versed in several different learning styles and have extensive experience helping children with unique abilities achieve academic excellence.

All students can learn- all we need is to figure out a way that suits their individual needs. Whether you need online elementary or middle school tutoring, A2S is known to be one of the best online tutoring sites for online math tutoring programs or live online English tutoring and affordable online tutoring for science.

Our team is dedicated to curating interactive, individualized lessons to increase student engagement and develop their interest while helping them retain knowledge effectively. To learn more about pricing details or how our tutors help children perform better in school, get in touch with us at 202-897-5826.

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