How to Help Your Child Develop Stronger Math, Science, and English Skills

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Science, Math, and English are some of the most hated subjects by students. However, these subjects are essential for every kid as they will help them in every step of their lives, no matter what they do in the future. Basic knowledge of numbers, English pronunciation, and vocabulary and the scientific know-how of how the world works are things that every kid should understand.

However, tutoring these essential skills may not be easy, either at school or at home. So if you’re wondering how you can help your child develop stronger math, science, and English skills, then here are some things you can consider.

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Mathematical Skills

It’s a commonly known fact that Math is not a popular subject amongst students at schools and often children struggle at the subject. However, there are certain ways to help improve your child’s math skills on your own without them having to scratch their heads.

One of the creative ways to get your child to improve their mathematical skills is to get them involved in cooking and baking. Let them read out the instructions and measure the quantities of ingredients. This will help them to understand different quantities, fractions, and temperatures.

Following on from cooking and baking, you can also get your children involved in purchasing these ingredients. You can turn an ordinary day doing grocery shopping into a fun-filled activity with your kids, where they will learn important mathematical concepts. Instead of telling them to fill your empty shopping cart, ask them to read the food labels and compare the prices of identical products. Ask them to find the most budget-friendly product in a certain category. Not only will it  drive your grocery bill down, but your kids will learn an important lesson in valuing money, numbers, and prices.

Instead of letting your kids watch T.V or play computer games, you can spend quality time with your kids by playing number games such as dominoes and cards. Such games will improve their numbering and memory skills in a fun and interactive manner. Furthermore, it will also help to reduce their screen time! Win-Win situation!

kid attending an online math tutoring program.

Science Skills

Curiosity runs high in children. You’ll find them asking questions about the sky, why the stars are so bright, or why the sun doesn’t come in the night. These questions are healthy for their learning process and in their development of being intellectual individuals. The last thing you’d want to do is suppress their curiosity or discourage their questions. Instead, you should find innovative ways to fuel their urge to find answers to such questions.

The best thing you can do to improve science skills and their quest to find answers is to let them explore. Don’t answer their questions straight away, instead ask them about what they think is the right answer, or you can tell them to find the answers together. Explore and find the answers together. Not only will it improve their science skills, but it will help create a healthy bond.

Furthermore, you’d want to give your child enough time and room to explore. Children learn things through trying, and you wouldn’t want to hurt their inquisitiveness by jumping in too early with the correct answer. Make it a habit to ask your child to figure out the answer. It will promote healthy learning and will help your child in developing research skills.

Another way you can improve your child’s scientific skills is to encourage your child to write things down and record their observations. These records will help your kids keep track of their observations and will likely refer to them when they are stuck with a similar question. You can ask them to draw a particular situation or even take photos of it. Furthermore, you can carry out scientific experiments using the equipment at your home.

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English Skills

Every parent would want their child to be fluent in speaking English and write the language in the best way possible. As a global language and widely spoken worldwide, parents want their children to have the best language skills so that they are well-equipped to counter the challenging practical world.

However, you’d need to start teaching English at home even though they might spend considerable time learning the language at school. There are certain ways you can help your child to develop crucial English learning skills. One of the basic things you can do is to instill a reading habit in your children. Encourage your kids to read books and ask them to pick a topic of their liking. Books can be about their favorite fictional character or an interesting storybook.

Reading bedtime stories do much more than putting your child to bed. They improve their language and visual skills. If your child takes a deep interest in current affairs, then help to read a local newspaper.

Furthermore, you can utilize your child’s screen time effectively. Movies and TV shows can be a great way to help your child’s speaking and vocabulary skills. Turn on the subtitles and ask them to repeat them exactly.

Another useful way you can improve your kid’s English ability is to play word games. You can enjoy a game of scrabble and ask your children to use a dictionary to help them create words. This will open their doors to new words and will also help them to develop dictionary skills.

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Sometimes the best way to help your child develop strong Math, Science, and English skills is to engage with a professional tutoring service. K-8 online tutoring by Access2Success can help them to improve their English and STEM skills. Our dedicated tutors provide an online math tutoring program, live online English tutoring, and affordable online tutoring for science.

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