How to Tell if Your Child Needs an English Language Tutor

As parents, we all want our kids to be confident and successful in every step of life. It can quickly cause worry if the child doesn’t seem to be doing too well or struggles with studies. Sometimes, parents don’t even realize that their child needs help. The unawareness makes it even more difficult for the child to improve.

When it comes to your child’s English language skills, the identification process isn’t that difficult. Parents can easily identify that their child is struggling by being on the lookout for some tell-tale signs. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Constant Spelling Errors

Many children struggle to get their spellings right. This is partly because they haven’t been exposed to enough books and text to pick on their own mistakes. If left uncorrected, spelling errors will continue to increase and make it even more difficult for the child to show any actual improvement.

If your child is also making constant spelling errors and doesn’t show much improvement, you should consider getting them an English tutor. The tutor can spend time explaining to the child how each alphabet of the word contributed to its meaning and pronunciation. The tutor can also help your child practice the spellings extensively.

Trouble Understanding Grammar Rules

Grammar rules are often lost on children. They can’t seem to differentiate between past, present, and future tense. They also struggle to understand how adjectives and adverbs are different and how to use pronouns correctly.

In a traditional setting, the school teacher may not give your child the individual attention and time to teach every grammar rule. For this reason, the best way to deal with this problem is to get an online tutor for your child. The tutor can spend time explaining each grammar rule to your child and help them put it to practice.

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Poor Feedback from Teacher

One obvious sign of a struggling child is poor feedback from the teacher. If your child’s teacher explicitly tells you that your child needs help, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Additionally, slipping grades are also a tell-tale sign that must never be ignored. If your child is consistently doing poorly in all the tests and is struggling to bring the grade up, you need to take quick action. Like all other subjects, poor feedback and bad grades in English also mean that your child needs a little extra help with the subject.

Difficulty Following Stories

If you want to know whether your child is struggling with English, you can tell by seeing if they’re facing trouble following stories. Sometimes, children who don’t understand long and complex texts tend to have difficulty following the plot of stories. As such, these children need to be given extra attention by a tutor who can get them familiarized with such texts.

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Poor Time Management

When it comes to English, there’s a lot of writing involved, especially as your child progresses in school. When asked to write extensive pieces, some children struggle to form thoughts and articulate them properly. To that end, they are unable to manage time properly.

If your child takes too long to write a simple essay or cannot do a timed task, it’s a definite cause of worry. However, the speed issues can easily be tackled with enough practice. An online tutor can help your child improve their time management skills by writing faster without compromising grammar and syntax.

They can also teach your child some simple tips and tricks on how to ace a piece of writing when short on time.

Avoids Reading out Loud

Do you think your child lacks the confidence to read out loud? It may be fear of speaking in public, but there’s also a good chance that they’re struggling to read. When your child cannot read properly, they’ll go to great lengths to avoid reading in public.

This is an obvious sign that your child needs help understanding the words that they see on-page. Pronunciation problems usually stem from a lack of understanding of Basic English rules. For this reason, the tutor should focus on bringing the child up to speed on these rules to improve their reading and comprehension skills.

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Can’t Work on Their Own

A self-starting child can get their tasks done by themselves. If they’re unable to do so or you find them asking for help constantly, don’t ignore this sign. It’s a sign that your child struggles to understand the task at hand and doesn’t quite know how to go about it.

In this case, your child may need homework help from an online tutor who can assist them with all the task requirements and help them become self-starters.

Procrastinating with Assignments and Submissions

Is your child putting off homework and assignments? This means that they are either facing trouble with comprehension or not interested in the subject. In both cases, your child can benefit from an online tutor. The tutor can engage your child in the subject matter while ensuring that they understand the assignment’s requirements.

The tutor will also give them the dedicated time to complete all the tasks before the deadline.

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If your child is exhibiting some or all of the signs mentioned above, you shouldn’t ignore them. The problems can easily be fixed if you hire reputable online English tutoring services.

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