Common Difficulties That Most Students Face in School

School is all fun and games until the academic responsibility hits a student. Where some students are gifted with the talent to balance school and other activities, most students often struggle with it.

Quick transitions from kindergarten to middle school can be quite challenging for students, and they often struggle to keep up with their grades. Children often develop most of their personality traits during this period, and it’s very important to provide them with all the support they need in this transition.

Last year, the outbreak of COVID-19 had pivoted the education system, making it more challenging for students to keep up with school. Increased anxiety, uncertainty, and restrictions as a result of this pandemic situation have considerably impacted the quality of education across the globe.

This article will talk about some difficulties a student might face at school.

Struggling With the Curriculum

It’s quite normal for children to find some subjects difficult. Learning and grasping new concepts can get even more challenging if the student struggles to concentrate or doesn’t get along well with the teacher.

There are chances that students may not come forward with their complaints and get poor grades. In situations like these, the guardian and the teacher should actively get involved with the struggling child and do what must be done to help him.

With a remote learning system, it has become nearly impossible for teachers to check each student in their class. At such a vulnerable time, it should be a point of concern for parents to check where their child is lacking.

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Nightmare for every student: EXAM

Taking pressure to do well in exams is quite common during all phases of education. However, the students already struggling with their grades can be more trouble than others.

It has been proved through several surveys over the years that students who struggle with keeping up their grades at school often develop depression at a very young age. Early age depression ruins their personality and can lower life expectancy.

Peer Pressure and Bullying

Let’s face it; we have all been a victim of peer pressure and bullying at some point in our school life. That’s a lot to deal with as a child because it’s that phase of life where children tend to develop most of their insecurities, experience loss or gain in relationships, and learn how to deal with competition.

To have a guardian or advisor at this tender age can transform a failing student into a high achiever. However, the tragedy is, most of the parents in the U.S are so occupied with their careers during this time that they tend to overlook the need for an advisor in their child’s academic life.

Parents are mostly alarmed when they’re either called to school because their child got into a fight or when their mental state starts reflecting in their behavior. Sadly, by this time, the damage had been done.

This lockdown, however, has brought children closer to their parents as an advantage. Parents should avail themselves of this chance to know their children better and work on their personality building.

Monotonous School Routine

Young brains are always seeking out creativity and adventure. Similar everyday lessons and boring modes of teaching can immediately deplete interest in a student. It’s impossible for teachers at school to come up with exciting teaching ideas every day that can meet each student’s interest in the class.

Remote learning has only added to the monotony, and students are progressively losing interest in education.

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Problems at Home Affecting Performance at School

As parents, sometimes you may not realize that your child can be a victim of all those troubles at home you tend to keep your child away from. It can be a disagreement between you and your partner, financial problems, or even poor relationships with siblings.

At a young age, children keenly observe every detail, which tends to stay with them longer than expected.

A good environment to grow is also very important for your child’s academic progress with a high-quality education.

Extra-curricular activities: Attraction or Distraction

Co-curricular activities are part of the curriculum, meticulously added to supplement the academic plan, and help develop skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Some students develop more interest in extracurricular activities and fail to maintain the balance recommended by the curriculum. As a result, their academic performance suffers, and their grades drop.

Both teachers and parents can help children find the balance between academics and extracurricular activities to keep them on track.

Final Thoughts  

While we have stated the common challenges students have faced over the years and might face in years to come, the goal is to help parents recognize their role in helping their child improve as a student. In this techno-era, everything is quite possible.

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