How to Tell if Online Tutoring is the Right Fit For Your Child

Many parents pay for private tutoring to ensure their child’s entry into elite universities and colleges. When done right, tutoring can provide highly effective results. According to statistics, hiring tutors in targeted subjects has significantly improved students’ grades and scores.

The idea that tutoring is exclusively for the elite has also changed. It has proven beneficial, especially during the pandemic when online learning is becoming the norm. Online tutoring and diverse education options have been reasonably priced than their in-person counterparts.

If your kid is struggling with academics at school and home, consider hiring extra help before they fall behind in class. Since every student has unique needs, it’s essential to investigate the tutor’s skill, experience, commitment, and personality.

Identify Your Goals

Ask yourself and your child’s tutor  what level of help is required and whether the child needs assistance with homework. The first step is to determine the areas your child needs to improve. For instance, they may need help scoring better in one subject, honing general skills, or studying basic skills.

Understanding your child’s learning style will make it easier for you to identify what motivates and interests them.

Determine Your Options

Get in touch with your child’s counselor or tutor  to share your concerns since they interact with students daily. They will also provide files on your child’s progress, including standardized tests and notes on specific personality problems.

Most schools also have a list of registered tutors that you can find in the counseling office. Most often, these are posted on a bulletin board for parents to look at before deciding.

Moreover, you can check the local paper for good tutors’ credentials and ask friends and neighbors for references. Checking the references will help you determine what you should expect, who you’ll be working with, and what methods they use.

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Experienced Tutor

When hiring a tutor, make sure that they have the required expertise and experience. For instance, you must never hire a tutor specializing in second-grade reading for your high school-aged child. Though you may find tutors skilled in both levels, most of them often specialize in one subject.

Kindergarten to sixth-grade tutors focuses on general education skills required for younger ages. The tutor will focus more on employing strategies applicable to older students from seventh to twelfth grades.

Ensure that the tutor collaborates well with your child and keeps them engaged. Lack of engagement will lead to low-effort responses and signs of frustration in your child. An experienced tutor will have a solid understanding of how long the student will take to improve in a specific subject.

Tutoring is beneficial for students provided that tutors support their students in solving problems independently. This builds an active learning environment with a strong sense of the student’s concepts.

A tutor with years of experience and a proven set of strategies to help your child understand their coursework will be the right fit.

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Tutor’s Availability

When hiring a tutor, make sure that they’re available at times convenient for your family. That’s because a one-time session isn’t enough to help your child move past a problem they’re having in the classroom.

Your child may require weeks or even months to build confidence and fill any learning gaps that create challenges. Make sure that your child works with a consistent tutor who can get to know your child and develop a relationship with them.

Online tutoring makes it easier for your child to meet with a tutor regularly. As a result, this will help them bridge gaps in their academic performance.

Online sessions also allow your child to connect from anywhere and prevent rescheduling appointments at the last minute.

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Discuss the Tutor’s Strategies

Hiring a tutor means setting out particular academic goals and then achieving them. These goals are often associated with catching up on academics and supporting skills that your child may be having trouble with within the classroom.

Moreover, a tutor can improve your child’s comprehension and help them develop better organizational skills to work through homework efficiently. Before you get started, you must have a solid idea of how the tutor will help your child achieve their goals.

Focus on What Your Child has to Say

You may think that you’ve chosen the right tutor for your child, but your child may be making less progress than before. That’s because a tutor may not fit your child’s personality, or your child may not be able to understand the tutor’s communication style.

Let your child have a say in this matter and encourage them to participate in the process. Ask them how they feel about the tutor to track success. If you find your child engaged with the tutor, you will see an instant improvement in their academic performance.

A parent assisting with an online tutoring session

Opt for a Smooth Hiring Process

Finding a tutor doesn’t have to be a complex process. At Access2Success, we can help you connect with a reliable tutor who will be a suitable match for your child’s grade level and personality.

In addition to offering affordable online tutoring, our tutors also specialize in live English tutoring, online elementary tutoring, math homework assistance, and more. We’re committed to providing quality tutoring from your home. We believe that online learning can help students achieve significant academic growth and personal development levels.

By following each child’s curriculum, we individualize our sessions accordingly. Check out our pricing details and reach out to us at 202-897-5826 to learn about our teaching methods and how we can help your child develop an interest in different subjects and perform better in their academics.

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