Why Parents are Signing Up for Virtual Tutoring this Summer & You Should Too

Online summer tutoring gets kids ready for the next school year

Looking for a way to keep your children busy during the summer that allows them to grow but also enjoy their (and your) summer break? Virtual tutoring is a great option! Online summer tutoring has many benefits for your children including increased retention of material, preparedness for the coming school year, structured routine, and flexibility to ensure you and your children can still enjoy your summer vacation!


Getting ahead in subjects like math and science with summer tutoring can dramatically increase the chances of your children succeeding in the upcoming school year. Studies show that children can lose 25-30% of what they learned the previous school year over summer vacation. Virtual tutoring can help decrease the chances of this happening and keep their minds fresh. Being prepared for next school year includes understanding and retention of what was learned the previous year.


Some students can struggle with the transition between school years. For students who have difficulty with math or science, virtual summer tutoring can be extremely beneficial in bridging the gap between school years. Practicing topics previously learned, or even introducing new ones with the help of an online tutor will ensure that your children are prepared for the upcoming school year. 


Virtual tutoring also allows for a flexible schedule that can work for everyone. Your children can have access to online tutors from the comfort of your own home and on your time. You can be in control of how many hours a week to meet, and during times that work best for you and your family! Creating a structured routine can help your children stay on track and adjust between school years. 


Online tutoring is easily accessible and allows your children to learn at their own pace. Virtual tutoring allows you to access a tutor at any time, in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be! One-on-one tutoring maximizes your children’s understanding of the material while learning at a pace they are comfortable with. They can easily ask questions, review, and change their pace depending on their skill level and understanding. 


Summer is a great time to get your child on the right track or to help them advance. Virtual tutoring is a great option when kids need some summer support with their math and science. Virtual summer tutoring for elementary and middle school students can help them to better understand subjects like algebra, chemistry and physics, and can even help them be better prepared for standardized tests. 


Virtual summer tutoring offers a fun, interactive, and effective way to learn math AND science – all while enjoying summer vacation! Access2Success can help you find summer tutoring for elementary and middle school students that works. The flexibility of virtual learning will allow for a fun but educational summer!

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