Why Reading and Writing is so Important in the Summer

reading and writing is super important for kids over the summer

Keeping up with reading and writing over the summer months is super important for your children’s education. Although they may not be happy about their summer reading assignments, it is extremely important in preventing “summer slide”. “Summer slide” is a term coined to refer to students’ tendency to lose some of their academic achievements during the summer months. If they need any extra motivation, summer tutoring with Access2Success is the perfect way to ensure they keep up with their reading and writing!


While school is out for the summer, keeping up with reading and writing can help your children to keep their minds fresh and be better prepared for next school year. Studies have shown that summer reading not only helps maintain their learning, but can also help to foster social-emotional development. According to the Scholastic Teacher & Principal School Report, 96% of educators agree that year-round reading is important in enhancing your children’s education. 


Summer reading can also help to encourage life-long reading habits in your children. Reading has many benefits like increased empathy and understanding of others, improved vocabulary, and improved professional development. Starting good reading habits while your children are not in school during the summer months is a great way to help them get set up with good habits for life. 


In addition to keeping up with reading, writing is also very important for your children’s continued education. Practicing their writing can increase literacy and writing fluency. Writing is another way your children can improve their vocabulary, and is a fun activity that fosters creativity and can keep your children occupied during the summer. Writing can help to cultivate your children’s imagination and exercise their brains while they are not in school. 


Access2Success offers online tutoring at affordable rates to ensure that your children are maintaining their reading and writing skills while they are not in school. Ability to read and absorb information is an important skill that your children will need not only to succeed in school, but in life. Keep your children busy during the summer, enhance their creativity, and set them up for success with the summer tutoring tools offered at Access2Success!

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