Elementary School Tutoring Services

Elementary school students between the ages of 5 and 10 require additional academic support, guidance, and individualized attention from their teachers and tutors. Owing to their age and active developmental stage, they often struggle to stay focused. Young children tend to shift attention from one thing to another within a matter of seconds. As they zone in and out of lessons, they may learn and retain less than older students.

Unfortunately, most conventional schools have a high student-teacher ratio. As young students are taught in classrooms of 20+ pupils, they fail to receive the one-on-one attention they need to remain focused on their lessons. Consequently, their learning and retention capabilities weaken, which affects their academic performance.

As a parent, providing your child with additional academic help outside of school is imperative. At Access2Success, we provide online elementary school tutoring services to help children grasp concepts they may have overlooked in class, stay on track, and become better learners. Our qualified, committed, and empathetic tutors work assiduously to help elementary school students progress exceptionally well.

Our Unique Approach

Instead of creating a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all tutoring plan, we do things a little differently. Each elementary school student has a unique learning style and persona. It’s possible that your child struggles to understand foundational concepts but excels at connecting and developing more specific thoughts and ideas. It’s also possible that they frequently get distracted. Or perhaps they often throw tantrums in class.


Schooling complications are extremely common among younger students. As they feel overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, isolated from their parents, and frustrated, children can easily act out, become withdrawn, or get distracted.


Our experienced tutors create an individualized plan for each student based on their unique learning strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. By customizing each session, we help young students develop better concentration and retention levels. If they have trouble with certain topics and subtopics, our tutors spend extra time refining these areas.


Similarly, we develop specific soft skills in students based on their learning patterns. This approach goes a long way in helping students perform well on their tests, actively participate in class, and gain an academic edge from a young age.


How Can I Get Started?

At Access2Success, our rates are 50% lower than regular elementary school tutoring services. We have an introductory rate of $20/hour, so you don’t have to worry about affordability. By providing enriching one-on-one lessons that last for an hour, we help young students become curious, critical, and well-rounded learners.

We create personalized lesson and homework plans based on your child’s curriculum. Additionally, our tutors provide non-academic support and guidance to elementary school students who may be struggling to perform as well as their peers. By providing both academic and non-academic assistance, we help students excel across the board and have an enjoyable schooling experience.

If you’re looking for Math tutoring, English tutoring, or Science tutoring for elementary school students, reach out to us today. Simply select your child’s grade, preferred subjects, and the number of sessions you require per week. Once you’re all done, proceed to cart, and complete your order. Our team will contact you shortly. Let’s get started!