Why Are So Many Parents Choosing Online Tutors for Their Children This Back-to-School Season?

The online tutoring industry has taken over the world by storm. This sector is expected to grow at a compounding CAGR of a whopping 18%!

The collective impact of the pandemic and technological advancements in the education sector has led to this dramatic growth in online tutoring services demand. The online tutoring sector covers not just the basic educational needs but also addresses STEM learning gaps. In early 2020, the social distancing rules were a major driver of the online education system. But it’s quite interesting that even though the schools are reopening, parents are still opting for online tutors’ assistance for their kids.

So what has made this online education medium so successful? Let’s delve deeper to uncover why parents are relying on online tutors to make their kids successful at school.

1.Figuring Out Your Child’s Needs

Online tutoring has gained so much popularity and trust from parents due to its flexible nature. An online tutor is way better at identifying a kid’s unique learning needs than a school teacher. Online tutoring services offer a holistic learning experience for your little one while carefully customizing the techniques and tools.

Middle school kid busy learning online

At Access2Success, our live K-8 tutoring services encompass a range of subjects such as Math, English, and Science.

Whether you’re looking for an online tutor who can help your kid become a pro mathematician or just someone who can reinforce the basics, online tutoring is the answer. Reliable online tutoring sites understand that not all students are equal. Some have quicker picking power, while others like to practice and ponder.

This is where parents can partner with an adept online tutor to curate a plan best-suited to meet their kid’s academic requirements.

2. Learning Hours are Flexible and Customizable

Establishing an effective study routine for your kids can be a weary challenge. This is where online tutoring services prove to be extremely beneficial. At Access2Success, we give parents the freedom to choose flexible learning hours for their kids.

This not only motivates students to learn, but also eliminates boredom, laziness, and unwillingness to complete their homework.

A student attending an online math tutoring session

Traditional classroom settings have benefits like creating a disciplined environment, making students good at organization and time management, and developing interpersonal skills. However, what it doesn’t provide is autonomy. In today’s world, allowing kids to choose their learning activities and timings is considered highly effective. This way, kids feel in charge of their studies which is important for developing a trust bond between them and their tutors.

3.   Online Tutoring Session Makes Kids More Vocal

Remember when we were in school, sometimes it was really difficult to ask questions? Especially if we had strict teachers. While no one paid attention, this difficulty to communicate in classrooms impacted our overall learning experience.

Recent studies reveal that students who are unable to ask questions in class struggle to score well in examinations. Hence, it’s important to address this issue as soon as possible. Thanks to online tutoring websites like Access2Success, now you can entrust our friendly K-8 tutors to help your little one gain the confidence for speaking up.

A kid solving a puzzle on his tablet

Another study has proven that students who receive online tutoring are at least 50% more likely to ask questions in class. This confidence and enthusiasm boost not only helps them at school but also makes them seize opportunities in all aspects of life.

4.  Online Tutoring Makes Your Little One Tech-Savvy

Did you know that the demand for tech graduates is expected to manifold in the next two decades? So why not start preparing your kid from today?

Online tutoring sessions not only encourage kids to learn, ask questions, stay curious, and solve problems around them, they also make your kids better at using technology. By choosing an online tutor, you are doing more than exposing your child to interactive learning.

An elementary school kid using crayons

A classroom setting is very less likely to offer technological gadgets and equipment to students. Whereas, when learning online, your kid can manage and operate their laptop. They’re taught about attending online meetings, taking virtual assessments, and productively using the internet. This allows kids to learn at their own pace without feeling any pressure. Moreover, online tutoring gives students time to process information in their way. Feeling this autonomy and control will allow them to retain concepts for a longer period.

Get Your Kid Enrolled at Access2Success for Maximum Satisfaction and Glistening Results

An online tutoring platform like Access2Success offers parents peace of mind, satisfaction, price benefits, and result-assurance about their kids’ academic performance. At Access2Success, we ensure that your child is exposed to the best learning methods.

We offer K-8 live tutoring sessions in Math, Science, and English subjects. Our sessions are priced at  $20 each with the added benefit of personalized homework assistance. Our tried and tested tutoring techniques are effective for students in elementary and middle school.

What’s more, you can be assured that your child will be steered away from parroting learning methods. Our qualified online tutors develop math, English, and science skills by using interactive techniques and resources. You can also schedule online homework help for elementary or middle school kids at affordable prices.

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