7 Benefits of Offering Science Tutoring to 6th Graders

Science and sixth-graders—not the greatest pairing on earth, is it?

And who can blame kids for struggling through one of the toughest subjects out there? Unsurprisingly, many kids fail to enjoy science because it’s been made so complicated, dull, and inaccessible in mainstream education. That’s why we recommend seeking out tutoring services to help your sixth grader become the scientist they truly are, and here are some major benefits of doing so:

1.     They may have a certain expertise that you may not possess

As kids get older, subjects get tougher and more complex; parents need to recognize that they can’t possibly teach their kids the same subjects they once taught them. That’s why we rely on tutors and subject teachers to carry the load and help kids with these complicated concepts and their execution. Think of it as a break for yourself while someone else takes care of the heavy lifting.

2.     Tutors are trained to identify and work on specific challenges

Moreover, tutors are trained to identify and assist with specific challenges that your kids are facing. This could refer to specific concepts, chapters, or sub-divisions such as chemistry, physics, biology, or even certain academic challenges. A tutor with the right insight, scientific background, and knowledge will identify those specific challenges and effectively address them through their tutoring process.

A child looks stressed and grim as she tries studying on her own using her textbooks.

3.     Science tutors can help correct concepts and mistakes immediately

As people with specializations and scientific backgrounds or qualifications, tutors can also correct concepts and mistakes right away. What may take you several weeks or months to figure out or explain and communicate to your child, an online science tutor may be able to point out and correct right away, helping build their base before moving on to tougher ideas and concepts.

Teaching and understanding abstract theories, complex ideas, and any misunderstandings are necessary to correct and get right.

4.     They can also provide detailed feedback about your child’s progress

It’s also important for parents to receive feedback and updates about their kids’ progress, and a qualified science tutor can do just that. They can accurately assess, evaluate and analyze how your child is progressing under their tutelage, whether they’re hitting necessary milestones or still need extra time and multiple lessons or hours.

It’s great to have someone who understands the subject and how students function, giving you a reliable expert insight into their performance. Plus, honest feedback is how you’ll know whether your child is improving or not, right?

A young girl looks happy and smiles while talking online lessons with her science tutor.

5.     Tutoring keeps students focused and attentive as they work and study

Tutoring in general is a great way for kids to study. It helps students stay focused and attentive because they’re receiving undivided attention, supervision, and guidance. It keeps kids going as they pay attention to the lesson and work on their homework, assignments, and tutoring lessons.

A tutor will also have a specific lesson plan for each session so that your kids know what to expect and do when they’re in session. This is a major plus for parents because science can be hard to focus on in general; complex ideas, seemingly boring theory, and tough formulation.

A child takes notes while listening to their science tutor during online lessons.

6.     It’s also focused on one-on-one teaching and learning, making it personalized

Tutoring is often a lot more helpful than regular school and teaching for many kids who are struggling, especially with complex subjects like science. That’s because it allows kids the chance to learn in a one-on-one setting and receive personalized lessons, guidance, and assistance.

Your child and their science tutor are the only two people in the equation, and they receive undivided attention and focus, giving kids the space and chance to also open up, work through specific issues and develop a relationship of comfort with their tutor. Many kids struggle to share their concerns or don’t feel comfortable in regular classrooms and it gets difficult for teachers to identify their issues in larger groups. Having a tutor that understands this and is able to support kids is important and goes a long way when studying subjects like science. Kids get to work at their own pace, there’s no competition, and of course, tutors can pick up on specific issues that they face.

A parent stands beside her child as she takes science lessons online.

7.     Science tutors have the creativity and freedom to make lessons more fun

Unlike school teachers who are bound by certain rules, regulations, and of course, time constraints, tutors have more flexibility and leeway to make lessons more experimental and engaging. They can make this otherwise difficult subject incredibly fun and communicate it in a way that your kids understand them more easily. Tutoring lessons are perfect for bringing that flexibility in studying and learning while still enjoying. Science is a beautiful subject, and there’s no need for kids to be afraid of it!

If you’re looking for science tutors for sixth graders, get in touch with Access2Success where we have multiple talented educators on board. We have some of the most experienced and incredibly qualified online tutors for science who are ready to help your kids achieve their potential and be their most confident selves.

If you’d like to set up a consultation with our representatives or team members, or hire a science tutor through our online tutoring site, feel free to reach out to us, and we’d love to help you!

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