9 Ways to Tell if Your Child Needs Extra Help with Schoolwork

Are you worried about your child having problems in school? Most parents suspect that their children may be struggling with homework and schoolwork.

Whether your kid attends a private or public school, it’s important to note that childhood is difficult. That’s because hormones change, new social pressures arise, and social media poses new problems.

Complex math problems, science projects, and classroom presentations are part of every student’s daily curriculum. Some students are hyper-motivated to achieve a good grade, and others are trying to manage the day-to-day pressures of academic life.

Your kid may find schoolwork challenging for multiple reasons. Rushing through assignments, lack of understanding, and difficulty with time management may be some factors affecting your child’s performance. However, once you identify the schoolwork challenges, it’s easier to find the solutions. Here’s how.

The Need for Academic Assistance

The approach to academic assistance has changed drastically over the years. Initially, academic assistance was often only used for struggling students. However, parents hire tutors to help kids prepare for admission tests, improve their GPAs, and better understand complex subject matters.

According to studies, private tutoring has become a leading consumer-driven industry, generating $5 billion a year. If your child begins to struggle with schoolwork, you must immediately get them the help they need. That’s because the more you delay, the longer it will take them to keep up with their academics at school.

Sudden Reluctance To Discuss School

If all of a sudden your child doesn’t want you to discuss what they’re learning at school or how their day was, consider this as a signal that something is not correct. This behavior could also be limited to the subjects they’re struggling with.

If they say they’re bored, find out what they mean. Many children say that they’re bored to describe their feeling in class. But at times, they may be frustrated because of not keeping up with class and schoolwork.

The issue could be a learning disorder or an underlying health challenge like ADHD or depression. If your child doesn’t have any diagnosable problem, consider implementing parenting strategies like hiring academic assistance.

Social Factors

Research demonstrates that kids’ attitudes in middle school tend to change because of new social interactions and pressures. Kids doing well in school may also encounter social isolation to avoid being labeled a geek. Since they don’t want to be different, they usually try to develop an identity that reduces humiliation in front of their peers. As a result, they may withdraw from academics.

Frustration in children causes problems in their schoolwork

Poor Grades

The clearest sign your child needs academic assistance is poor grades. Extra help tutor helps older students understand a tutor’s lesson and benefits children as young as 4 to 5 years to learn basic concepts.

Since many students put adequate effort into academics, they still struggle to pass a class. So you must make sure whether your child is working to capacity when studying. Go through their homework to check if the work is incomplete or if your child is getting the answers wrong.

Your Child Doesn’t Feel Challenged at School

If your child doesn’t feel challenged at school, they may fail to understand the material. Boredom in class is likely to disengage even the most intelligent children and lead to bad grades because they don’t care.

At times, students might think that the schoolwork is beneath their level of understanding. This is why they may lose interest and not put in enough effort.

So if children say they’re bored, it may be because of a change in study habits or classroom environment.

A mother helping her child with online tutoring

Spending Excessive Time on Homework

If your child doesn’t have free time outside of school, they may be spending excessive time on their homework. According to basic guidelines, your child must spend 10 minutes per grade level on homework. Since homework policies vary tremendously among schools and tutors, parents must realize that some tutors give more homework while others give out far less.

If you know the tutor’s homework policy, extra help for your child can help them with their homework problems.

Concerns of Your Child’s Tutor

Parents often dismiss what a tutor is telling them about their child. This happens especially if what the tutor tells you is different from what you anticipated. If the tutor believes that your child is struggling more than other students, consider this as a sign your child may need extra help.

The tutor’s feedback can help you address any problems developing in your child. Since parents often know their children better than anyone else, the tutor’s thoughts will help them determine some of the options available to help.

Misbehaving at School

Your child’s misbehavior at school is their way to focus on the fact that they’re struggling with schoolwork. Children often lack the skills to admit what’s causing trouble at school. They’re likely to feel frustrated and upset because of not dealing with their schoolwork successfully.

If your child is well-behaved and suddenly begins to show signs of behavior problems at school, explore what’s happening in their social world and consider getting extra help to improve their academic performance.

Common Diagnoses

Following learning disorders, ADHD is one the most common reasons kids fall behind in school. A composite of impatience, energy, and distractibility can make it difficult for a child with ADHD to work in a typical classroom.

In addition to being distracted, your child may refuse to attend school due to anxiety. That’s because children with anxiety are always worried that something terrible might happen when they’re away from their parents. Other problems that show your child needs extra help with schoolwork include depression and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Online tutoring

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