How To Ask For And Incorporate The Tutor’s Feedback

Feedback is information concerning the student’s performance or the understanding they’ve gained as a result of their learning opportunity. Feedback can help learners affirm, override, fine-tune, or reorganize their previous information, beliefs, and methods. Feedback is an effective way of improving students’ performance, according to many research studies. When students are learning something new, they’re bound to make some mistakes. Effective feedback from instructors or tutors can help them understand where they went wrong and improve their work.

According to some research reports, one of the most important elements of effective learning and teaching is relevant, insightful, and assessment-based feedback. Feedback helps students understand where and how they may develop and motivates them to work hard to improve. It’s an important aspect of learning evaluation.

Confirming or reconstructing knowledge, enhancing tactics, leading students to more understanding, and recommending routes and alternative techniques to follow to develop are all examples of how timely feedback may improve cognitive functions for higher performance. Students may use feedback to participate in cognitive processes, including setting objectives, task management, observation, and evaluation, which are critical abilities for self-regulated learning. Students’ emotional processes can be influenced by feedback, which can improve concentration, ambition, and interest.

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Following are some ways to incorporate tutor’s feedback:


When you receive feedback, it is essential to read all of it. Not once, but twice to ensure that you have got all the points present in it. Before starting the new work or revising the previous work. Carefully understand the revision and then proceed with your plan.


You may receive negative feedback, too, which might be criticizing your work or understanding of the work. But you have to be respectful about it. Even if you think the feedback is unnecessary, you will still have to try and improve. If students disagree with the feedback, they should reread the feedback and try to understand what the tutor wants them to do and how. If the issue persists, you can go to your tutor and respectfully ask more about it.

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Many students feel angry or sad after receiving the feedback. For instance, you are doing math homework problems, making the same mistakes repeatedly, and your tutor is giving you some feedback. You should not feel angry about it. Instead, read the feedback carefully and learn what you are doing wrong. It is essential not to feel angry about your feedback and take it positively and find the mistakes.


When you have received revision on your work, take a step back and see what you did wrong. Often, previous work is linked with the subsequent work. And if you can’t find the errors in your earlier work, your new work may follow the same errors. Hence, it is essential to take time and understand the feedback and act accordingly.

When receiving science tutoring, you may have feedback in a previous chapter linked with the next one. If you have not revised the concepts of the last chapter, you will find it challenging to understand the concepts of the new chapter.

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A supportive environment and supportive tutor are essential to comprehend and understand the feedback and implement it accordingly. Many online tutors provide extra time to students after studying to discuss feedbacks and revisions. It is a good step as it opens the door of opportunities for the students. They can ask their tutor, parents, or friends about the concepts that they cannot understand. A supportive instructor helps them understand the feedback and offers help in implementing the feedback.


As mentioned above in many points. It will never hurt to ask your tutor about feedback that you cannot understand. It might prove to be time-wasting if you didn’t understand the feedback and try to go on it by yourself. Ask the tutor for clarification. Let them tell you what you need to do to improve your learning.

Online tutoring very much relies on effective communication. Hence, if there is a communication issue or you cannot hear your tutor, ask them to clarify the points again.


After receiving the feedback from your online tutor and understanding it clearly, it is essential to make a revision plan according to the feedback received to work on it. A revision plan will help you to plan your feedback accordingly and will help you to improve your learning.

For example, you have received feedback from your math tutor regarding two different topics. You should make a revision plan for both these topics. You can do the easy topic first or the one whose concepts are used in the second topic to save time.

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