Should you sign your kids up for tutoring before school starts?

If you have children entering grades K-8 this upcoming school year, it might be time to consider getting them a tutor. Tutoring can mean many different things, but it mainly means that you and your children take their education seriously and want them to have the best chances of succeeding. 


Many people associate tutoring with a child who is struggling in school and desperately needs extra help to pass their classes. While tutors are fantastic in that specific situation, tutors can also offer your children any support they need in order to feel confident and prepared. Signing your kids up for tutoring before the school year begins can help ensure that they have all of the tools they need in order to succeed in the upcoming school year. While they are learning in a classroom setting, offering one-on-one tutoring can help solidify their understanding of what they are learning in school. 


Studies have shown that tutoring can be very beneficial and has lasting effects on your children’s education. A study conducted by EdResearch found that tutoring increased student’s achievement by approximately 3 to 15 months of learning across all grade levels. The study also found that tutoring is most likely to be effective when offered in high doses such as three or more sessions a week and is well received by all grade levels. For younger kids, five, 20-minute sessions might work best; and three 30–60-minute sessions for older kids. Researchers suggest elective tutoring in reading and writing proficiency for children ages K-2, while older kids should focus on their math and comprehensive skills. 


It is easy for children- and even adults- to associate tutoring with negative connotations and think of it as a punishment. However, tutoring is emerging as an extremely effective tool in supporting academic success, and it’s important for children to learn that tutoring is for everyone. While either you or your children might not think that they necessarily need tutoring, offering academic support is proven to foster success in and out of school. 


Before the upcoming school year begins, it’s a great idea to set your child up with a tutor. Facilitating a positive relationship between your children and a tutor is proven to create better learning environments. A consistent tutor over time will have a better understanding of your children’s educational needs and their learning style and will be able to be much more effective. Positive student-tutor relationships have been shown to have greater educational, motivational, and social outcomes. A tutor who is trustworthy and reliable will make a world of difference in your children’s academic success. 

Online tutoring is a great way to get your children the tutoring they need to succeed, while remaining efficient in time and cost. With Access2Success, affordable online tutoring is readily available to meet all of your and your children’s tutoring needs. 


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