How Can Parents Collaborate with Online Tutors?

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, most students have had to adjust to online or remote learning from online tutors. Virtual classrooms and online tutoring services are now the new normal. However, parent-tutor collaboration is not an entirely new concept. Many parents work from home and want to stay in touch with their children’s online tutors.

The online tutoring approach is something that many parents and students now find more comfortable as it allows them to collaborate with tutors more efficiently and monitor their children’s progress. With good parent-tutor collaboration, students can overcome the challenges they face in online tutoring.

Here’s how parents can collaborate with online tutors to improve a child’s learning experience.

Effective Communication

Frequent and consistent communication between online tutors and parents is essential, especially because of a lack of physical interaction. Parents should stay in touch with their child’s online tutors to know what’s being taught in the online classes and learn how their child has been performing.

Throughout the academic year, parents and tutors should be in constant communication and discuss the child’s progress, learning style. They should inquire about the child’s interests and what bores them, what stimulates their interest in learning, and any issues the child could face at home or virtual classrooms that might hinder their growth and learning.

Conducting parent-tutor meetings is also a great way for busy parents to schedule a time to communicate with the online tutors and learn about their child’s academic performance. These meetings are also beneficial for the children as any troubles they might have could be addressed.

Parents and online tutors can create a positive relationship through emails and messages. Parents can also add comments to their child’s homework or volunteer to help out in the classroom.

A young girl studying from an online tutor

Collaboration with Communication

Communication only works where there’s active collaboration. Both go hand in hand, and collaboration is made easier if communication is frequent. In a collaborative approach, parents and online tutors would have to work together toward a common goal: improving the child’s learning, academic growth and development, and overall well-being.

Both tutors and parents have to be mindful of the knowledge they have about the child and the skills they possess to aid the child’s growth and learning. Most parents know everything about their child’s interests, lifestyle, and developmental history. Online tutors know various ways the child can learn in a classroom, assessment or teaching strategies, rules, and the child’s academic performance.

Parents and online tutors can share this knowledge with each other in a collaborative manner that would help the child achieve academic highs. The child can also overcome the learning challenges as well as any problems they could be facing at home.

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Facilitating After School Learning

After-school learning is a crucial aspect of an enhanced learning experience. Online tutors should encourage and help the parents understand certain learning conditions they should be providing to their children at home. When parents understand their child’s capabilities, they can establish a good after-school learning environment.

Parents can support and interact with their children to learn more about their interests and provide them with a supportive environment at home where they can nurture their child’s learning and interests.

To reinforce what has been taught in the classroom by online tutors and build an interest in studies, parents should create a routine for their children. They can help them with their homework while staying abreast and aware of all the topics being taught.

Being involved in your child’s education will also show the child that they’re supported at home and will help them learn more effectively at school. Provide your child with learning materials after consulting the online tutors. Make sure your child has healthy eating habits and physical activities provided at home.

A mother talking to her daughter’s online tutor

Benefits of a Strong Parent-Tutor Collaboration

There can be powerful perks and incredible benefits when there is a positive collaboration between a parent and a tutor.

  1. Parents and tutors both would understand the challenges the child could be facing under remote learning circumstances.
  2. The parent will have better insight into what their child is learning in the virtual classroom and how they can help the tutor cement the lessons taught.
  3. If the student is struggling, the tutor can ask the parent for an honest dialogue where they can comfortably help resolve the issues and understand the child better.
  4. Students feel better in a classroom when they know the tutor understands them and has a good relationship with their parents.

Research shows that there’s a correlation between a child’s social skills, healthy learning habits, and adaptability if there’s a strong collaboration between the tutors and the parents. Strong parent-tutor partnerships are essential in supporting a child’s learning and their ability to become better at various essential life skills. It even helps them develop certain lifelong skills that not only help them during school but later in life as well.

One effective way online tutors and parents can provide a child with a better learning experience is by communicating the same messages to them. Once the message has been communicated in the virtual classroom, parents should encourage the same thought at home. This will be excellent in providing the child with the same learning at school and at home.

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