7 Reasons Why Parents Should Consider a Tutor for the Summer

Summer tutoring can be very helpful for students during time away from school. Learn how your student can benefit from have a mentor over the summer!

When school lets out for the summer, it’s easy for kids to forget all about school until the fall. While we all love summer vacation, summer tutoring for elementary and middle school students can benefit your child’s education.

Studies show that, on average, students between grades 2-9 lost between 25-30% of their previous school year’s learning over the summer.

So, while having fun, taking time to relax, and playing during the summer break is essential, helping students retain what they’ve learned is also important for their growth and development! A tutor for the summer can help keep your child on track with their schoolwork while on summer vacation (while still having fun).

Here are seven reasons why you should consider a tutor for the summer.

  1. Bridging the gap between school years
  2. The gap between school years can be difficult for some students, making essential subjects hazy and more challenging to pick up quickly once school starts back. Summer tutoring can make that transition between grades easier. Allowing them to keep up with these subjects by solidifying the material they learned in the previous school year and preparing them for what’s to come next year.


  3. Practice essential skills
  4. They say that practice makes perfect. This phrase extends to math, science, reading, and writing basics. Tutoring over the summer can create a solid foundation for higher learning. Practicing the basics makes higher-level education significantly easier for your child as those basics are reviewed and incorporated into future lessons.


  5. Boost performance
  6. Summer tutoring can boost your child’s performance in school. Summer homework allows them to practice their skills in all subjects, so they are better prepared to apply them in the upcoming school year.


  7. Cope with test anxiety
  8. A new school year is often very exciting for students but can also bring about stress and anxiety. There are a lot of factors that can play into anxiety, but feeling unprepared for the subjects they will be learning doesn’t have to be one of them. Summer tutoring can help your kids feel prepared for new subjects and ease some of the anxiety that may come with a new school year.


  9. Maintaining a structured routine
  10. It can be very difficult to keep kids on a consistent schedule while on summer break. Especially for kids who might struggle in school, inconsistency in structured routines could disrupt habits formed during the previous year and can take time to reestablish, which might lead to a greater struggle for some students. A regular summer tutoring schedule can help alleviate this problem and keep healthy study habits alive and consistent.


  11. Enrich or spark an interest
  12. If your child has a specific interest in any school subjects, it can be easy to forget about it or lose interest in the months over summer break. Continuing to fuel their minds and their creativity can enrich their interests, or even spark a new one!


  13. Increased retention of material
  14. Continuing to review certain subjects like math and science, and continued practice in reading and writing can increase your child’s retention of material. Encouraging continued practice can ensure that your child has a deep understanding and retention of the material.

Hiring a tutor this summer could be the best choice you will make to ensure your child is ready for the upcoming year. Whether in-person or online, tutors help kids retain material, build solid foundations in subjects, and create life-long study habits and tricks for making the new school year as successful as possible.

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