How to Find the Right Online Tutor for Your Student

how to choose an online tutor for your child

Finding a tutor that works for you and your child can be stressful. Wanting your children to have access to resources to ensure that they are successful in their education but needing an easy and affordable solution is common. Virtual online tutoring might be the answer to all of your questions – but you should also know the right questions to ask when finding one.

  1. What are the available tutoring hours?
    Hectic schedules? Online tutors can be the perfect solution for your children’s educational needs. Because the tutoring is online, you and your children can (and should) have flexible schedules that fit around your busy lives – whether it’s during the school year or over the summer. Families can set up meetings with tutors anytime and in their own homes! One-on-one instruction helps to ensure that your children will get the most out of their tutoring experience.
  2. What subjects do the tutors specialize in, and for what grades (and proficiency)?
    It’s important that whoever you’re deciding to hire, specialize in the subject your child needs help in – this seems like a no-brainer. But oftentimes, tutoring services offer ‘one-size fits’ packages where the tutor isn’t specialized enough. Now, that said, while you want your child to have someone who knows what they’re talking about, proficiency and teaching-level skill is something you want to make sure you ask about. A college-level tutor may be too advanced for a young student and similarly, a grade school tutor may not be enough for someone in high school.
  3. What will the tutors be helping my student with?
    Not all tutors help with the same things. Make sure you ask what types of work the tutor will go through with your student, and whether its what they need – some examples: test prep, homework help, classwork, essay writing, etc.
  4. Are they a good personality fit for my child?
    This is more important than parents sometimes think – whether or not a student will respond well to a tutor could make or break their connection to them as well as the subjects they are learning. So make sure you understand a tutor’s teaching style and if a tutoring service will allow a meet and greet for students and tutors.
  5. How much will it cost?
    How much will you be charged for tutoring? Is it hourly or per session? Can you pay in advance and cancel any time? Can you put your billing on hold if you go on vacation? Ask about the different billing options your tutoring service has and if there are any bulk session deals!

With resources like, it has never been easier to find an online tutor. Finding the right tutor for you and your child will increase their opportunities for educational success. Offering support on material previously learned in class can help your child retain what they are learning and introduce new material to prepare your child for what’s to come. With a basic understanding of new material introduced in a one-on-one tutoring session, your child will be better prepared for when it is taught in a classroom setting.

School can be difficult for some kids, and anxiety about their performance can only hinder their academic growth. Tutors can help boost the confidence of your children so that they can perform better in school. Online tutoring with Access2Success ensures that your children will reach their full potential. It has never been easier to find an affordable but qualified online tutor with customizations for kids’ grade levels and subjects they need some extra support.

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