Tips to Help Kids Struggling With Math

Tips for helping kids who are struggling with math

If your kids are struggling with math, it might be time to get them some extra help. Many elementary and middle school-aged kids struggle with math, but fortunately, there are ways in which you as a parent or guardian can help them succeed! By following some of these tips, your kids’ math scores will greatly improve in no time! 

  1. Tutoring

    One way to help your kids struggling with math is through tutoring. There are many different options for tutoring, but online tutoring can be a great and convenient way to get your kids the one-on-one attention they need to succeed in math class. One-on-one tutoring has been proven to be the most effective in increasing comprehension and performance of subjects like math. Unlike other subjects, math requires an understanding of concepts and how rules are applied instead of basic memorization. Tutors are great for ensuring that your kids truly understand how to work through problems and find the answers on their own.

  2. Make Math a Game

    Another way you can help your kids who are struggling with math is to make math fun! When they bring home homework that they might be struggling with, using things like toys or their favorite snacks to bring the math problems alive can help them to conceptualize and keep them wanting to practice and learn. Another helpful tool is the world of online math games that can help your kids to practice math problems; while learning and having fun! Online math games can be engaging and entertaining which helps your kids to absorb more information!


  3. Practice & Repetition

    The easiest way to help your kids who are struggling with math is to simply practice with them every night. When the rest of their homework is complete and you have a few extra minutes, sitting down and helping them to practice math problems can greatly increase their understanding and conceptualization of math. They say ‘practice makes perfect’, and in math, it couldn’t be more true! Practicing daily with your kids can improve their confidence and greatly boost their math scores.


If your kids are struggling with math, don’t worry- there are many ways in which you can help to improve their performance! By using some of the tips mentioned above, your kids will start to have more confidence in themselves and their math abilities, and their math scores will greatly improve! Making math fun, practicing with your kids, and using resources like online math tutoring with Access2Success, you won’t have to worry about your kids struggling with math any longer! 

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